Wednesday, December 14, 2011

rage cake

After the third goal was scored last night, I started baking. I am usually not a therapy baker but sometimes, it's just necessary. Watching your team lose 5-1 is never good, but it is slightly better when there is cake at the end of it.

Five layer blondie cake with white chocolate icing. This is hard to tell because camera phones are not real cameras, Ana. But this happened.

Good things come from bad things, there is your shoehorned life lesson here. When life gives you lemons, that's fucking awesome. Free lemons! We had an awful November but we got Dale Hunter out of it. The Caps fell flat on their faces last night but I got a cake out of it. 

Dennis Wideman had an awkwardly disputed hat trick this week. 

Brooks Laich called Chimera a wild horse on a radio show this week. 

Mike Knuble didn't call anyone a clown. 

This isn't rock bottom, we know because we've been there. This week did not suck, and I just wanted to make sure that you remember this shit. 

That's all. You may now return to your regularly scheduled activities. 

Let's go Caps.


  1. Thank you for once again, keeping it real. Sometimes it's too easy to lose perspective after a pile of shit game like the boys had last night. That's why I'll keep coming back to this blog. Peerless is too fucking doom and gloom all the time with his "facts" and "statistics". Someone should send him some Free Fucking Lemons.

    And BTW, rage baking is the shit! Im a brownies guy myself but that cake looks badass. Keep up the good work.

  2. facts and rational arguments are excellent and there are many great people who can give you those, but i find they don't make me have very much fun as a fan :| glad to hear that, thank you!

    and fuck yes rage brownies. send me pictures if ever rage bake anything, i will post the hell out of them here!