Monday, December 26, 2011

hilarious tragicomedy in Buffalo, NY

I ask this out of genuine curiosity--in what world is Wizards basketball more important than Caps hockey? Do those people even win games? I have not heard of this occurring, ever.

If we got anything out of the Wizard's preempting the Caps game and sending us into the godless land of of regular definition, though, it was a new level of appreciation for how fortunate we are. I know this season hasn't been all that fun, but every time you are down about the Capitals, just think to yourself...what if you were a Wizards fan?

Things could be worse. Even worse than they were tonight.

I'm serious.

  • I know this is a controversial opinion, but I am honestly starting to suspect that Roman Hamrlik is not part of the solution.
  • I wonder if anyone has informed the Capitals that there is a whole other zone available for play? 
  • The first two goals were probably my fault. I was still trying to make mashed potatoes at this point, and these goals against were scored specifically to remind me that missing even a second of Caps hockey is inexcusable. Thanks for the reminder. Maybe just a nice note next time.
  • 4-2. Hahahaha. Laugh with me. It's more fun than crying, at least until people start edging away and talking about calming medication.
  • Despite the way the game was going, Ovechkin refused to relinquish The Fire. I can't help but encouraged by him sometimes, even when things are bad. 
  • Hendricks' first of the year! That makes him the last regular forward to score. Woo. 


Here is a cat made out of oranges. 

Here is Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. 

Here is some salted caramel vodka hot chocolate. 

And here's a recipe for it. Drinking is also a good way to distract yourself from The Problem.

There are all these depressing stats everywhere about how we will never make the playoffs, ever, and we should just commit ritual suicide because of the awfulness of everything. Bullshit. I do not believe it. 

Everyone stop crying now, please, we are hockey fans and we have a reputation to uphold. There are plenty of hockey games left to play, and that is not a single thing that's bad about that. Keep your head up. Things will be okay, eventually, but we don't need them to be perfect all the time, we are not going to be the spoiled brats that some fanbases are.

Remember, sometimes forgiveness is part of love. 

Let's go Caps. 


  1. Sometimes I think we are just twins. Or long-lost sisters. I made a whole post about the very topic of your last paragraph, and I am going to assume you didn't read it yet and we are just ALWAYS on the same wavelength, forever.

  2. ALWAYS. but i will investigate the circumstances of my birth just in case!