Tuesday, December 27, 2011

how to be happy as a Caps fan right now

I tried to write a pregame for Flyers/Rangers but then accidentally I didn't feel like it. Everyone knows what's up right now. The Rangers are smoking, Lundqvist is even more smoking, especially in HD. The Rangers also have a penchant for kicking our asses in the regular season. This one is going to be uphill both ways. That doesn't make it impossible, though, it just makes it a challenge. 

Regardless: if you are having trouble dispersing sports-induced rainclouds above your head lately, hopefully the Caps will help you out with that tonight. If not, here are some other methods of denial/distraction/what have you. In case you're having trouble being happy as a Caps fan right now, apply these directly to forehead. 

  1. Watch Evgeny Kuznetsov in the WJC. 
  2. Watch Yakupov and Grigorenko in the WJC and daydream about The Possibilities. 
  3. Remind yourself that Mike Green could be back very soon. 
  4. Don't look at the standings. Ever. Just resist. I know it's tempting, but remember that there are many breakable objects in your home. 
  5. Watch this video.
  6. Find a way to fall in love with the players again. Try rereading the story about Brooks Laich changing someone's tire. Try going to a practice, if you can get there. 
  7. Have a chat with a Columbus Blue Jackets fan. 
  8. Have a chat with a Coyotes fan, and ask them how the ownership hunt is going. 
  9. Check out the ticket price listings. Cheaper when the bandwagoners start peeling away, fuck yeah. 
  10. Be stubborn and ornery. Develop a "fuck you, you can't MAKE me leave" attitude. You against the Caps, game of chicken. Who's going to blink first?
As a precaution, have someone who loves you remove all sharp objects from your reach while you watch this game, but enjoy it, because it's Caps hockey, and you love that, remember? This too shall pass. Be there to see it. 

Let's go Caps fans. 
Let's go Caps. 

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