Sunday, December 4, 2011

Caps/Sens, 12/3/2011

We won a hockey game.


I know I wanted them to win the Blues game. I know I wanted them to win the Pens game, oh god did I ever want them to win the Pens game, I am friends with Pens fans okay. I see them on a daily basis. But we won tonight instead--on the night of both Brooks Laich and Alex Ovechkin's 500th game played, and Brooks Laich scored the game-winning OT goal. You can't make this shit up. Thanks, hockey gods. You are all-seeing and you give us not what we want, but what we need. We will never doubt you again.

Except for the next time that the refs call a stupid penalty or something, but until then. TOTAL FAITH. Nothing heals the wounds like winning. The Washington Capitals are starting to take shape. As far as cliche metaphors go, they may be well on their way to becoming goddamn butterflies.

The game starts out on a great note right off the bat, because Nicklas Backstrom is not waiting around to score goals tonight, oh no. When Backstrom is on the ice, things are happening. End of story.

The Caps take the lead at 1:58, Backstrom on a great pass from Ovechkin, and it is clear from that point on that if Rihanna has questions about who's gonna run this town tonight, the Capitals have an answer for her.

Scoring chances. Scoring chances. We are getting them! We're breaking out of the zone! We're getting to the net! Everything is so beautiful and the first person who mentions that it was beautiful against Ottawa will feel my wrath, because we are still developmental caterpillars, and I will fucking take it. This game was all about getting our swagger back.

(disclaimer: this is not actually Erik Karlsson--the press frequently cannot be bothered to photograph anything other than the Caps and can you blame them, really?)

Karlsson scores. Karlsson, with a K and more overall Swedishness, meaning the wrong one. I am out of the room when this happens, so I only hear the audio and I go through a quick cycle of elated-to-enraged that makes me want to smack someone. I contain my violent urge but just barely. 1-1.

The Caps get unlimited PPs but fail to do anything with them. Still at zero percent power play conversion in the Dale Hunter era. Eek.

Troy Brouwer's got our back.

If I am Dale Hunter, I may or may not be getting sick of 2-1 games by now, but at least this one is going our way. We're looking good. Game is winding down, we are going to ride this one-goal lead right into--



Whatever. We are sick of this. We've been getting all demoralized and shit lately, and we figure it's about time for us to do some demoralizing of our own.

We let Ottawa's dreams live for exactly twelve seconds.

BROOKS. LAICH. Brooks Laich is a winner. Not just in this situation but in general. He is doing so well in life and we appreciate him on a deep and cosmic level. I am so fucking pleased that it happened to be him that won it, what with it being his 500th game and all, but it's not like it's a coincidence. He is a winner every night.


I LOVE IT WHEN THEY WIN. Our team is amazing, please keep this in mind for future reference.

Unrelated Lucky Charm Type Things: 
  • The Sens were the team that we finally snapped our losing streak against last year as well. Either they really do suck that much or they're prone to charitable acts towards the Washington Capitals. 
  • It was also my dad's birthday. In the interest of continuing to win, I will now require that it be my dad's birthday every game day. 

    Brooks Laich-Related Puns I Saw Last Night: 
    • "That's more Laich it." 
    • "Lots to Laich." 
    • "Brooks Laichs winning." 
    •  and of course, "Baby I Laich it." 

      Panthers Monday. Time to show them that that divisional title is only theirs to hold, and the rightful owners are coming for it. It was cute while it lasted, Panthers. Now get the fuck out. 

      Yesterday was beautiful. Today, back to work. 

      Let's go Caps. 


      1. yeah, but two years ago, when our boys had that amazing 14-game winning streak, Ottawa ended that. So they just end streaks for our boys.

        BTW, you forgot to mention the HITTING. Ovie steamrolling Greening and then a few seconds later, Brouwer creaming Cowen. The crowd went INSANE over those two hits.

      2. oh true, good point. the Sens are the Enders of All Things.

        I SHOULD HAVE MENTIONED THE HITTING. THAT GREENING HIT. i love the way that's trending, oh god <3 if we can rediscover our offense AND keep up the physical dominance, that would be cool as hell, i can't remember when i've seen the Caps be this aggressive.