Tuesday, December 13, 2011

no fuck you



Stupid hair. 


Take your stupid flying eyeball and get out of my town. 

Good game from the Flyers, I guess. I appreciate that they have some talented players or whatever, but also that they have the kind of quality humans on their team that are just as likely to take cheap shots as they are to make a scoring play. Lame. Be secure in the knowledge that your team's players can behave with all the skill and class at the same time, it must be hard to try to pretend that you don't know your best scorers are dicks.

It would be helpful if these skillful and classy Capitals would direct that skill and class in the direction of the goal, but sometimes it doesn't happen. Sometimes everything is hilariously bad. We are extra cranky because it is the Flyers. 

Fuck those guys. 


Here is an otter sleeping on somebody's arm

Here is a 72-oz steak.

Here are outtakes from Ricky Gervais going on Sesame Street.  

Immerse yourself in your hate tonight. Hope and faith can wait for tomorrow. 

The Caps are still your hockey team. Things are bad again, but they can't be too bad, because you still get to watch hockey like three times a week. Imagine if it was summer or something and there was nothing to punch you in the gut with joy and/or misery. 

Sucks right now. But Caps hockey is better than no Caps hockey. 

Winnipeg Thursday. 

Caps will never lose again. 

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