Monday, January 23, 2012

give that back please.

Help. Someone has taken our Alex Ovechkin.

Three games is too long. One game is too long. Five seconds would have been too long. It's not that I think that the hit wasn't suspendable because it very much was--like it or not, Alex Ovechkin has more edge to his game than any other player on the roster. It's just that in their current incarnation, and ever since Ovechkin stepped onto the ice in Washington for the first time, the Caps to some extent have been Alex Ovechkin, they've been nearly synonymous. We don't like being without him, it doesn't feel right.

It's going to be very, very weird without him, especially because he's just joining the list of those the Caps have had to do without--Backstrom is still out of the lineup, so is Green, the core of this team has been systematically dismantled--hopefully not for good, but at least for now.

I need to dig deep to find reasons not to despair, but I think you know I can do it.

As Mr. Ovechkin himself would say, it is what it is. The team will get through it somehow, because they have to. It's not good or even functional to be missing three major offensive components of your team, but it's not like they have other options--they're going to play three games without them, because they have to. They'll play some very good teams, and they'll play teams that are hurting as badly as we are. You're going to see players step up because they're needed, and you're going to see small moments of brilliance that wouldn't have happened otherwise. It might not all be pretty, but at least it'll all be very, very new.

Three games. It's going to stretch out over an inconvenient amount of time, but it's only three games. Backstrom will come back. Ovechkin will come back. In the meantime it will be hard, but like my dad used to tell me every time I bitched about things being unfair--we can do hard things.

Go Caps.


  1. Katie's Random Comment Goes Thus:

    Come what may, we still have our team and our family of fans. Or that's at least what I've been chanting to myself the past few hours.

    Let's Go Caps/Come At Me Bro.

  2. officially adopting "Let's Go Caps/Come At Me Bro" as the slogan for the next two weeks.

    unnecessary belligerence will help. YEAH WE'RE GOING TO SURVIVE BECAUSE FUCK YOU THAT'S WHY.

  3. We cannot be killed. We are far too stubborn for things like dying. True story.

  4. cockroach hockey!

    which is not sexy at all but oh well, it will have to do for now.

  5. Cockroach hockey. Oh god, I need to draw that. I have no idea HOW to draw that, but I absolutely have to draw that.


  7. You know what pisses me off most? That Whatshisface Michalek, who admitted he went after Hendy in retaliation, didn't get anything. And his hit was worse than Ovie's because only a blind man wouldn't have seen the big H-E-N-D-R-I-C-K-S and the large 2 and 6 on the back of the player in front of him.

    I guess it's okay if you're a Pittsburgh Penguin whose name isn't Matt Cooke.

    Newsflash, Brendan Shananan: You should know damn well that the CBA expunges suspensions after 18 months. Ovie's last suspension was in March of 2010, which my calculations put at about 22 months. So are you going to dog Ovie for every hit for the rest of his career or until you find more productive employment, whichever comes first?