Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Caps/Montreal pregame

So, uh...nowhere to go but up, right?

That's the theory anyway. If you watched the game yesterday, I know you're probably not feeling like turning on another Caps hockey game today, they didn't really make a convincing case for that.

But that was against the fucking Islanders. I know there's no excuse for that kind of effort, but it helps to remember that some teams are so totally useless that the Caps are much more likely to become useless in return.

Most importantly, it's not like the season is over just because one game really sucked--there's always more hockey to play, and even if the season did end today, the Caps would be in the playoffs. Yes, really--we're still in eighth place, and even when you have a game as bad as that one, they still don't take more than two points. Things are maybe not quite so lost as you felt like they were last night.

Right back on the horse. That's probably a good thing.


The Caps' record on the road is not good this year--to put it very, very lightly--but considering how awfully they played yesterday at home, where they've been stellar, who the hell knows, maybe it's opposite week.

Four of the Caps' next five games are away; six of their next ten games are away. At some point, if we want to be a playoffs team, we're going to have to start picking up some points on the road.

Now seems good. Is now cool with everybody? Yeah, me too.


Everybody knows the Rene Bourque thing is coming. Washington knows the Rene Bourque thing is coming. Rene Bourque knows the Rene Bourque thing is coming. 

I'm sorry, but you don't just get away with concussing our MVP and best player without the entire universe conspiring to drag your ass back to face the music for it. I know the Caps don't exactly have any bone-crushing, legendary enforcers on our team, but we do have Hendricks, and we do have Erskine, and we've got Brouwer's angry words from when Backstrom got hurt that he's going to need to back up. 

Sometimes people confuse the Caps not being fucking undisciplined hoodlums with the Caps not being able to defend themselves. This is a mistake. It's like the difference between being Wolverine and being John Wayne. We don't need to be flipping our lid every five seconds, because what the fuck kind of team does that, but when it's necessary, I feel pretty confident that the Caps can take care of business. 


Montreal is a mess right now, and a well-publicized one. There isn't really any part of their game that's working, which should make them fairly easy to play, but the Caps will have to be careful not to fall into the same kind of trap as they did with the Islanders.

I get too much mileage out of Katie on this blog, but I can't help including this quote from her a moment ago that illustrates exactly what could be the pitfalls of taking the Habs too lightly: "The Habs are a team that has the potential to be very good and instead have decided to die."

Let's not be that kind of team. Let's beat that kind of team. 

Care about this game, Caps. Care about hockey, or forget the playoffs. Realize that you have to work for it. Don't get frustrated and stop playing when things go wrong. Realize that all the talent you had two seasons ago is still there. It didn't go anywhere. 

Good things will happen. I am personally guaranteeing this, you heard it here first. This week is not going to be a dud because I won't allow it. 

Caps will never lose again. 

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