Wednesday, January 11, 2012

adopt a prospect: Tomas Kundratek

Welcome to the Washington Capitals, Mysterious Roster Moves edition. A few key pieces are essentially dead right now, and those who are not are playing like they are, so the holes will be filled by Adorable Children from Hershey, which is what they are there for. 

I know that all of you are smart and cool people and keep up to date on your prospects and such, but if you are at all behind in this I do not blame you, as there are like a million of them. So in case you are wondering who the fuck that guy is on your ice, here is a quick rundown.


Position: defense
Age: 22 (just barely--had his birthday the day after Christmas)
Nationality: Czech
Hair: swoopy

Why he's getting a shot: Kundratek has 6 goals and 8 points since he was traded to Hershey earlier this season, more than taking advantage of his new team and new opportunities. So what if we give him just a little...more...leash...
In a nutshell: "Kundratek's game is a simple one: he just gets in the opposition's way." (via)
Unexpected: He's best known as a solid, positional defenseman but he's certainly been successful jumping up into the play lately.
Sorry ladies: He's got a girlfriend.
Czech machine never breaks?:  Kundratek joins Vokoun, Neuvirth, and Hamrlik as the fourth Czech on the team now. This is excellent as everyone love interviews in Czech accents.

Why we are all side-eyeing this move: Because including injured Mike Green, that gives the team NINE defensemen on roster right now. Nine. That's ridiculously too many, and it also brings the roster to 24, which is one over the 23 we are allowed to carry--so expect a move to be made, whether it's someone being sent down, placed on LTIR, or possibly--traded. Keep your eyes peeled.

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