Monday, January 2, 2012

Caps/Flames pregame

There is not enough hockey this week, and I'm mad about it. Additionally, Tuesday and Friday are a weird two days to choose, if there are only going to be two days of hockey.

The Caps can make it up to me by winning both games. Dare we hope for a four-game winning streak? Yes, we dare, because we are bold and confident hockey fans. Plenty of time for craven backtracking later if we are wrong.


Come on, admit it, I said "Flames" and you thought "oh, Jarome Iginla." The Flames are that possessive girlfriend that refuses to let go of Iginla and rebuild like they need to, but hey, can you blame them? Jarome Iginla is great. I can't even hate him right now as I am writing this. I hope none of the Caps get distracted from hitting him by thinking about what a damn nice guy he is, that would be unfortunate. 

He's going for his 500th goal tonight, and as a rule, I like for no one to steal the spotlight from the Capitals, so let's try to prevent that happening. Be on the lookout for his dangerous signature move, "setting up the play". 

Any opportunity to use this video, really. 


Flames have lost their last three games straight, most recently to terrifying offensive powerhouses Nashville Predators. If our top line keeps up the way they've been going, no problem, right? 

By which I mean I probably just jinxed it. 


There are so many reasons to want Ovechkin's hot streak to keep up the way it has--because of the difference it makes to the Caps overall, because scoring goals wins games, because we need Ovechkin to be the center of our team--but mostly you want Ovechkin to keep scoring so that you can shove it in people's faces. 


There were all kinds of conflicting reports yesterday about whether or not Alex Semin had a "deep cut" on his arm--he missed practice yesterday for a maintenance day, which was where all of that started, but we're really not sure what the deal is there. I don't really think Eakin would have been reassigned to Hershey if that was the case, but that is why I write a blog on the internet and the people who are in charge of this shit are in charge of this shit. We'll probably have to wait to find out what's going on here.

For the record, I am crossing my fingers for no scary injuries. No reason to derail the Sasha Train right as it was getting back on track.

In more thrilling news--who wants to bet if Mike Green will be back for the game tonight or not? Most fun bet there is, if only because we've finally arrived at a place where this could be a real possibility. We miss him like a flower misses sunlight. Be fixed please, 52, and stay fixed forever. We are hoping that he took his time off to go get a controversial secret military procedure done that means he is now indestructible. That would be convenient.


Let's start 2012 out right. The Flames are no big deal--especially not for a Caps team that's playing like they should be. We're still all about points. Let's put together some wins.

Oh, and let's go Caps.  


  1. Greenie looked greatt this morning in practice. Fingers crossed!

  2. oh man, did you go? IF SO, DETAILS.

  3. hey im trying to do a capsbloggers podcast with you, the sick unlbelivable duo, and duggsports-- i doubt rmnb would be down but really a whoevers available show to show type thing--
    thanks sincerely Ford K & fuck the penguins
    email me

  4. yeah! would absolutely be down, that sounds like a lot of fun. will email you tomorrow when it's not stupid o'clock!