Wednesday, November 9, 2011

guess what, that sucked

Hello and welcome to your not-a-recap. There will be games where I just don't feel like going back over the events of the previous night, because I am too busy putting my fingers in my ears going "lalalala", pretending that they didn't happen. This is one of those games. So instead, here are some questions, an ordered list of names that Mike Knuble called the team last night, and some things to cheer you up. Just in case you are as cranky as I still am this morning, here is a kitten playing in snow right off the bat:

Feel better? Me too.

  • What exactly is it with the Stars, I would really like to know. We don't play them often, but their record against us is ridiculous. They also happen to be responsible for my worst live game experience to date, so don't think I've forgotten that, Stars. 
  • I am really, really concerned about this team's sustained compete level. We've all seen that when they're on, there's nobody they can't beat, but there have been multiple games so far this season where they simply haven't shown up. Unacceptable. Wind sprints for everyone. 
  • Basically who are you, and what have you done with my Washington Capitals? You had better not still be here on Friday. 

Armchair Coaching:
  • Leave. The D. Pairings. Alone. Seriously I just want to reach through my screen and put everyone back in their right spots. Just because Green is out, that is no reason to reshuffle EVERYONE the way that's been happening. Put Carlson and Alzner back together and we know we have at least one solid shutdown pair. Yes, I mean this instant. Don't make me turn this season around. 
  • Have to think you sit Hamrlik for the next game. Not sure who would be available to replace him--depending on whether Green is able to play, possibly a call-up. He's had his moments, but he was two steps behind every play last night. 
  • Sure, Mike Knuble will do fine on the fourth line. Know why? Because he's a first line talent. This move still makes zero sense to me. 

Traitorous Impulses:
  • Jamie Benn, holy shit. 
  • Can we have him?
  • Why not?
  • I don't care, I want him. 

Things That Mike Knuble Called The Team:
  • Clowns
  • Losers
  • Average
  • Lacking urgency
  • Lacking commitment

    Things To Cheer You Up:

    A cat snuggling with a stuffed animal. 

    Sean Connery as James Bond. 

    A rabbit, a mouse, a kitten, and a puppy.

    A root beer float.

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