Saturday, November 26, 2011

Caps/Rangers, 11/26/2011

You know what Caps fans get called a lot? Bandwagoners. I'm sure you've heard it once or twice yourself--the theory being that since the Caps are a successful, a recently successful franchise, that all of its fans must have discovered it because of Ovechkin, and because of the times we've made the playoffs. This is both possibly correct and not necessarily wrong or bad--the Caps have never really been a winning franchise before this, how could there be expected to be a long-standing fanbase here?

But we're here now--and in order to really be bandwagoners or fairweather fans, we would have had to go away when things turn ugly, to abandon the team in favor of something that doesn't break our hearts twenty zillion times. Hi. What's up. We're still here.

Because if you have been a Caps fan for awhile, you know that things could only get bad sometime--typically kind of really bad, typically kind of awful. Happens. Keep your head up, don't get too stuck on it, don't say anything you'll regret later, because if we're a team of dramatic highs and lows, at least the makes the highs feel so much more amazing.

In the meantime, I guess we're out of the running for the November Stanley Cup. Damn! Really wanted that one.

I guess we'll have to settle for the one that they give out in June.

Most of what happened in the game yesterday was pretty awful--so I am going to ignore it! (Guess what, this is my favorite method for retaining sanity as a Caps fan.) Because you know who had a pretty good game?

Ovechkin--and if we're being honest here, I would be willing to lose a lot more games than this one if it meant Mon Capitan gets going.

So this recap is going to be about Awesome Ovechkin Things that happened. Anyone who's currently bitching about Ovechkin can take their issues to the Youtube comments section or something, because I do not waste my time trashing him. Know why? Because Alexander Ovechkin IS the Washington Capitals--if you can be sure that there is one person who is not going away, it's him, so what exactly is the fucking point in complaining? You are just going to make things awkward at the dinner table.

Instead I will patiently wait for the Fury to return, and in the meantime continue to love him, because fuck you, I do what I want.

Awesome Ovechkin #1

Marion Gaborik is just skating with the puck, minding his own business, and all of the sudden Ovechkin decides that it is time for him to die.

Puck pops loose, gets to Backstrom, and he is one guy you don't want to lose the puck to lately--sends it to to Brouwer right in front of the net, and it is so very much a goal. Thanks, eight.

Awesome Ovechkin #2

You know the Rangers--you remember how they are with trying ridiculous nonsense in front of the net, and sure enough, they were parked in the blue paint all night.

Rangers. No one approves of this shit.

Subsequently there were about five hundred sequences in which mini scuffles broke out after the whistle, nothing serious but a lot of pushing and shoving. In one of these sequences, Alex Ovechkin comes away with Dan Girardi in a headlock.


Awesome Ovechkin #3

That. Goal.

That goal. 

For the first time this season, that's one of those "nobody else can do that but him" kind of goals, the jaw droppers. Let's all watch this again.

His first goal in the Verizon Center, and it's a beauty.

Sign of things to come? Let's say yes, because believing that the answer is yes is way more fun than believing that the answer is no.

What's been happening lately is a lot of mental errors--lot of people who are not dumb doing a lot of dumb things, and that's not...greattttt, but at least they're not all injured or dead or something. Things still aren't working right, but guess what? We don't need anyone who's not currently on our roster. Think about it. We don't. We keep losing games, and that means the plot is thickening. This is the part in the romcom where it's raining and there's sad music, but then the hero realizes that he really loves the heroine and runs to the airport through the rain and then they make out or something.

This is a real metaphor that will directly correlate to the rest of the season. Shh. Shut up. You will see.

Sabres today. Back on the horse. The bad times are going to break, make sure you're there to see it. They tend to make it worth it.

Let's go Caps.

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