Thursday, November 17, 2011

Caps fan pep talk

Here is the thing.

The Caps are playing bad hockey. But they are not a bad hockey team. 

We lived through the losing streak. We lived through the Tampa series. We lived through the Montreal series. This is bad hockey, but we are not going to die or anything. 

Not that I am saying that losing is okay, because it is not--but losing does not always mean that all is lost. It's November. Gotta figure shit out. Sometimes, the pieces are not working right and you lose to the Winnipeg Jets. Embarrassing, but it happens. 

Watch every game. Watch every second. Even if you are screaming at your TV for most of those seconds and even if you are laying on the floor in hockey despair at the end of it. All Caps hockey is worth it to watch, even if it's not pretty. 

The ship will right. We have months and months of hockey ahead of us, and after that, the Stanley Cup. 

Caps will never lose again. 

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