Saturday, October 29, 2011

le positivity

  • Two goals from Ovechkin, and the kind of light-up exuberance that I haven't seen from him in what feels like forever. 
  • Hilarious penalty shot goal by Knuble. HILARIOUS. 
  • Fast, crazy hockey game. Fun to watch except the losing. 
  • Did someone screencap Chimera being totally unconcerned about Bieksa getting in his face, because I want a screencap of that. 
  • Vancouver crowd chanting "Ovi". Well okay. Don't you know he likes attention? 
  • There was no give up in the last ten minutes of play there. None. 
  • Back home again. We are just not west coast birds. Home will be better. 

    Calm down. Deep breath.

    Caps will never lose again.

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