Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ana vs. the Big Deal bar

Unnecessarily dramatic title.

Spoiler alert: I win.

But no, all that's going on in this post is that on my road trip to Canada, I found one of the new Ovechkin-endorsed Big Deal bars in a gas station convenience store, was entirely too thrilled about it, and purchased it on the spot to squirrel it away in my purse back to America.

Where I promptly forgot about it for three weeks.

--Until my laptop wouldn't fit in my purse right and I discovered the candy bar again at the bottom, slightly melted but intact. So here we are. The time has come to find out if I can indeed Be Big Deal like Ovechkin by eating the candy bar that assures me that I can.

Of course I choose to explore this via the medium of terrible webcam pictures. Sorry, blog. I continue to ruin the quality of you.

This is what it looks like uneaten.

Well, more or less what it look like. Imagine it slightly less deformed. It looked very nice in the shop, I promise. Very nice yellow color, very eye-catching. Ovechkin's-Laces-Yellow.

And this is what it looks like opened. Once again slightly deformed on account of being melted at some point, so I have no idea if this is actually what it's supposed to look like or not--but obviously it's some kind of chocolate, which therefore means that it is good.

This is what it looks like in the middle--couple layers of wafers and what looks like caramel, and it turns out that the weird texture on the outside is pieces of peanuts covered in chocolate.  NONE OF THIS IS BAD.

What it tastes like: ....a candy bar.

...No, seriously. The wafers are a nice touch, it's very crunchy and there's a couple of different flavors I can't put my finger on. Vanilla? Maybe? It gets a little boring as you keep eating it, but it's not at all bad. As endorsements go, this one is a LOT more fun than Bauer or Nike.

Most importantly, do I feel like a big deal now?

...Yes. Yes I do. But it's probably the endorphins.

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