Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Caps history according to me

From time to time I find myself feeling like I have to apologize for not having been a Capitals fan for all thirty-seven years that the franchise has been around--mostly because I haven't even been alive for thirty-seven years, but also because I grew up in perhaps the least sports-inclined family in the history of the world. If you are one of those people who think true fandom is determined by how long you have been a fan, as if fans are cheese or wine or some nonsense, then you may show yourself off my blog because I do not have time for your crying. 

Like many other Caps fans, especially those suddenly enlightened to the existence of the Best Hockey Team In the World by the bright shining light of the Ovechkin Star--most of my knowledge about the franchise is self-taught. And so I present to you my understanding of Capitals history in graphic form, as built on a haphazard combination of research, anecdotes, video montages, excellent friends, and experience. Any resemblance to actual history or persons is entirely coincidental.

* hi-res links under each picture, because I'm pretty sure you can't read any of that as is.
** unless you are an eagle or something I guess

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