Monday, February 20, 2012

things that Caps fans were eating and drinking or order to dull the pain

That sucked. Here's how you were dealing with it:

You can't give the Canes credit for winning this game, but you can give the Caps credit for losing it. Every game you watch they are tripping over their own feet. They are very confused by basic concepts of hockey, such as skating and passing a puck from one player to another. I know this is painful to watch. But the Caps are better than they have shown, and hockey is a sport that favors unlikely events, so it's likely a few good things are still going to happen this year, even if they are just by total fucking accident.

Keep watching.

I love the Caps, and yeah, it's the unconditional kind. Arguably right now it may even be the unrequited kind. That doesn't matter. Being a hockey fan is less conditional upon merit than it is a one time choice. The Caps are the Caps and so I love them.

Try not to let this get under your skin too much, because this is a bad one. Eat something that's terrible for you and get drunk and get on with your life. More hockey to come.

Let's go Caps.


  1. yesss I am not the only one drinking tea and alcohol together. ROCK ON, FELLOW PEOPLE WITH WEIRD TASTE.

  2. ...I was eating my homework :|

    For some reason, the Caps do not take kindly to me doing math while I watch their games. Maybe I should simply boycott all things related to math...

  3. I had a Sweet & Sara S'more. Maybe I should have self-medicated with more chocolate. And how apt was Joe B's crack in the third period--"Somebody medicate me." You and me both, sir. You and me both.

  4. Thank you for all of your optimism!! I am glad I am not the only one who tries to stay that way. No way to explain it other than I love my team. Tomorrow is a new day.

  5. That Firestone Double Jack is awesome but beware drinking an entire bomber of 10% beer all by yourself

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