Sunday, February 5, 2012

come off the ledge

It's going to be okay.

I mean that.

This is going to be more uphill than anything we have seen in a good few years, but it's not like the Washington Capitals haven't been here before, and you know what, we didn't die or anything. At the moment the Caps need some crazy improbable things to start happening in order for them to survive, but if you are looking for crazy occurrences, you have picked the right sport. That shit happens all the time in hockey.

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. There, you have learned the meaning of life from a hockey game. We all stopped breathing and probably cried a little about Brooks Laich's knee but if you think Brooks Laich would want his team to curl up in the fetal position and die just because he's out, he would not be very pleased with you. That is not the Brooks Laich way.

The Caps have been saving up all their hardship for this season, perhaps. That is okay. We're going to play some hockey here even if we have to put John Erskine's dog at center.

Have faith in GMGM. Stock up on alcohol. You'll get through this.

Here's a picture of a tiny cupcake on top of a bigger cupcake. This will help.

Deep breaths. Have some pride. You're still here, which makes you better than the jerks who are refusing to wear their Caps gear until they start winning again. 

When they do start winning again, you will have earned it. 

Faith. Let's go Caps. 


  1. Eklund says somebody told him GMGM is about to make a big move. I believe Eklund believes someone else told Eklund that, but it's more likely that Eklund told Eklund that.

    Notwithstanding the suspicious provenience of this rumor, I believe it is true and I hope it is true.

    Mostly because I want Jeff Schultz to go lose at hockey on somebody else's team.

    I am actually hoping 28 sticks around. Unless it means getting a second first-line center. Who is not named Jeff "I Destroy All Locker Rooms" Carter. But I can't think of another first-line center available.

    I have been dealing with a number of hockey-related emotions lately. Specifically rage and rage. With extra weeping. I keep hoping that hockey journalism (in particular electonic-format opinion "journalism") will help me to cross this river in my life. You've done your part, Ol' Yeller.

    Fuck yes to that.

    Destroy the Florida Pathers.

  2. Ol' Yeller. I LIKE IT. i am adopting this immediately.

    i suspect/hope that Jeff Schultz might be in the lineup for trade baitey reasons but also maybe because we have no other lineup right now. i'm ready for some fucking trades around this place. i can't wait to see what GMGM has up his sleeve.

    PLEASE GOD NO JEFF CARTER. i am going crazy with people throwing this idea around. bad contract + bad attitude + bad tan + bad shoulder + bad knee = ???? why do people think this is a good idea.

    destroy the panthers indeed. death to all hockey playing large cats.